Morcila - Spanish Sweet Black Pudding -

Photo by heymrleej

Yes, you did read the title correctly, this pudding is sweet, cake like, most people are put off because it looks like the Scottish Black Pudding, which you either love or hate.

I have never made it, it is a speciality and can be purchased at most butchers or local supermarkets in the Canaries and Spain.

Photo by Ardo Beltz de:Benutzer:Ardo Beltz

I  have converted a few of my friends to it, they are at first put off by the look, but once they tried it and realised it was sweet and the white bits were in fact almonds not gristle, in the main they loved it.

Can be served separate as a starter or with the main meat dish, cooks great on the barbecue.

It's one of the dishes that you must try a least once when you are on holiday. 

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