Cuban Rice

This is a Strange name for a recipe, I can only assume that this dish originated in Cuba, I first came across it in a local restaurant in Tenerife, I picked if off the menu because I didn't know what it was, it's been a favorite of mine ever since.
It's difficult to give quantity ingredients as it is just four different types of food cooked separately and presented on a plate to look like Egg ,sausage and chips.
I suppose you could call it a fun meal or a plato combinado or even a left overs dish, the later most likely being how it was created in the first place.
As I say it sounds odd, you really need to try it, you would think it was a rare combination of foods, but it works.


I Cup of Boiled Rice.
2 Whole Bananas Fried
2 Eggs Fried
1 Large Potato made into Chips and Fried.


This will serve 2 people, serve either individually or on one large serving plate.

Cover the plate with the rice.
Cut the fried banana's in half length wards and place around the edge of the rice.
Put the chips on top of the rice.
Put the fried egg on top of the chips.

The finished dish should look like egg sausage and chips at first glace, it is obviously not a healthy meal, but should win a few comments.

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