Papas Locas (Crazy Potatoes)

Yes, an interesting name, it's Spanish, well Canarian as far as I know, I first came upon it in a little pizzeria up in the hills in Tenerife. The first time I ordered them, just because I wanted to know what there were, they turned out to be Chips, the thin variety (but not frozen) with tomato ketchup, mayonaise and sweet mustard over the top, they looked very colourful and tasted delious, served in the normal way in the middle of the table with 4 little forks, everyone at the table helping themselves.

At the time we visited this pizzeria quite often, I then noticed that there was now a 'Papas Locas Special', this I had to try, they turned out to be the same as above but with grated cheese on top, even better.
Sometime later there was a furter addition to the menu 'Sole's Special Papas Locas', yes you have guessed, I had to try them, these not only had grated cheese on top but chopped ham as well, uuuuum to die for .
The only problem was we had to order more than one plate full!!

I have over the years introduced many people to this little pizzeria and all the varieties of 'Papas Locas', most of our friends ask to be taken back there when they come on holiday.

This is a simple and quick idea for chips children and adults will love it.
  • A plate of thin chips
  • Use the sauces out of a bottle that you can squeeze thin lines over the top of the chips.
  • Sprinkle grated cheese over the top.
  • The ham need to be small chopped pieces, so that you can sprinkle over the top of the cheese.
I am sure that you will be able to come up with a lot more suggestions for this recipe.

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