About Diane's Recipe Collection

I never set out with the intention of starting this blog, it all started the day that I couldn't decide what to cook for the meal that day.

I had on the shelve in the kitchen a somewhat disorderly collection of recipes that I had taken from cookbooks, magazines etc. and bits of paper that friends had given me, I am sure that these cookbooks were written with the intention of inspiring cooks to cook them one day, but I just couldn't find a recipe that inspied me.

As I went through my favorite recipes, I decided that they needed to be put into some kind of order, I had been looking on the computer at foof blogs and decided that this was a good idea for my collection of recipes.

That's the day this blog was started, just, you understand to keep my recipes in sort of order, but it seems to have grown from there and is still growing.

Most recipes are quick and easy, I am not a cook that likes fiddling around very much, there are not a lot of recipes for meat, not because I am a vegetarian, I am not, I just seem to prefer vegetarian type food.

Please feel free to copy any recipe that you like, there is a place to leave comments underneath each recipe, please do so. suggestions are always welcome.

I hope that you enjoy and find some recipes that you like.

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